Fantasy Baseball 2009

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Well, the season is just under one week away which means fantasy baseball season is fast approaching. Drafts have already started and leagues are starting to form. The popularity of fantasy baseball has absolutely exploded over the past couple of years. Everyone seems to be joining in on the fun. I recently saw a news story somewhere about how women were increasingly becoming part of the fantasy sports scene. I absolutely love fantasy baseball. It gives me a chance to prepare for the upcoming season and take a look at what happened last year statistically.

I have to admit that I have done more mock drafts than I can count so far this spring. I love putting together a baseball team and competing with other users on a fantasy baseball website. I primarily use Yahoo! to play fantasy baseball but I have been experimenting with ESPN as well as I find it incredibly entertaining to put together a fantasy team from scratch. So one thing I wanted to talk about was a suggestion on how to draft a team. I am in no way a fantasy baseball expert but I do have my own strategy that has worked for me in the past. First off, I want to start by saying that I believe Jose Reyes is the single most overrated player in fantasy baseball.

Yes he is a 5 category fantasy player but his average, power, and RBI potential are not worth a first round pick in my opinion. I realize that shortstop is a very scarce position but I am not willing to blow a first round pick on a shortstop other than Hanley Ramirez. I would much rather use my first round pick, especially early in the draft, on a power hitter that will hit for a ton of average, home runs, and RBIs. Albert Pujols is the single most consistent hitter in the major leagues and I would much rather take him than most other players. However, my absolute favorite spot in a fantasy draft in a 10 team league is the 6-8 spots and in a 12 team league I like the 8-10 picks. You can still get an incredible player at the top (especially since someone will probably waste a pick on Reyes and I have even seen Chase Utley go in the first round or very early second round) and you then you get an early second round pick right after that.

What I have found myself doing is being able to grab someone like Miguel Cabrera (who might win the AL MVP this year) and then turn around and grab someone like Lance Berkman or Carlos Lee and every once in awhile Mark Teixeira will drop down to the 14th or so pick and I can grab him also. There are plenty of players that can fill in for speed. The most important pick for me in the third round pick this year where I completely and totally zone in on Carlos Beltran. I think that he is underrated and he is ranked around 25th overall in fantasy baseball. The guy is a solid and consistent 5 category player. I sit back and watch people draft pitchers with some first and second round picks.

This is where some conflict comes up when I talk to people during mock drafts. For me, pitchers are so much more volatile than position players. People with the last first round pick and the first second round pick have consistently been picking Johan Santana and Tim Lincecum back to back. Now of course they are going to have the best one two punch of any rotation in the league, but for me health among pitchers is much more of a concern than position players. Plus, a top tier position player is going to play around 160 games when fully healthy and a starting pitcher is only going to make 30-35 starts in a season. I honestly wait until around round six or seven before I start drafting pitchers.

You can put together a very good staff late in drafts if you know what you are doing. I have been getting pitchers like Chad Billingsley, Javier Vazquez (who should be fantastic in the NL), and Yovani Gallardo after the 8th round. That is going to be three ERAs around 3.50, WHIPs around 1.20, wins around 15, and strikeouts around 200. That is a devastating 1-3 on starters. Oh, and I literally laugh hysterically when people blow their fourth or fifth round pick on Papelbon. Why do people slobber all over one category pitchers? Closer is the single most unpredictable and volatile position in fantasy baseball. We saw teams switching closers all the time last year and I was able to not draft a single closer in one of my leagues yet finished 7th out of 12 in saves last year. Granted 7th out of 12 is not that great but considering the number of saves I got off the waiver wire and free agency it just goes to show how quickly and how many closers can lose their jobs.

This year I have been taking Brian Wilson as well as Matt Lindstrom very late. Usually around round 18. My lineup is usually mostly filled out by the time I start drafting pitchers in the 8th or 9th rounds. Like I said before I absolutely love doing fantasy drafts and playing against family and friends or complete strangers. If any of you who read this would be interested in starting a league for fun or just talking about fantasy baseball in general feel free to head on over to the forums page and post your thoughts and/or if you are interested in starting a league and playing against each other and other members of this site. Fantasy baseball is one of those things that I feel like anyone who loves baseball will enjoy. It gives you a chance to analyze statistics of certain players, teams, ballparks, and any number of other factors.

For instance, Matt Holliday was one of the best players in the Major Leagues while he was in Colorado. Now he is in Oakland and it will be interesting to see what will happen to his numbers moving from hitter friendly Coors Field to the pitcher friendly stadium out in Oakland.

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Have an Amazing Career in Sports Writing Jobs

An ardent lover of sports with a great passion for writing can truly find a bright career in sports writing jobs. The value of this job is high as powerful words have the capability of creating heroes together with enriching the public with information and entertainment. There are different categories of sports writing jobs. With the internet serving as an incredible sports media, the gateway for multiple opportunities, including freelance writing in this field has been opened.

Fantasy games are gaining popularity these days. Hence several writers indulge in penning about different fantasy league teams, their schemes and policies and so on. Unlike, other sports writers, the people in this profile have opportunities only for working for sites that offer fantasy sports. But in these days where internet has a tremendous influence in our lifestyle, several fantasy hockey, football, baseball and golf teams. Since the people visiting these sites are in hunt of modern trends in this avenue of sport, most of the commercial sites employ professional who have experience and knowledge in the concerned field.

Benefits of Sports Writing Jobs

Sports writing job is a profile where one has increased chances to interact with famous personalities like the Olympic champions and also have the privilege to understand the happenings behind the curtain of every game such as the training procedure, team creation strategies etc. This is an avenue where skilled writers can fame in very short span of time. Though the pay is a little bit low, the writers have extreme job satisfaction and enjoyment.

Sport writers can write anything related to the game like the winning strategies adopted by the teams, situations that led to the success or failure of the game and so on. But the most information provided should be accurate and insightful to the readers.

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Fantasy Baseball – How to Win Your League!

With the 2008 baseball season upon us, the fantasy baseball season is about to begin. Here are some tips to creating a successful fantasy baseball team.

1) Be smart

When you are drafting your baseball team, don’t take unnecessary risks. This year you shouldn’t be taking Pedro Martinez (36 years old and diminishing health) or Chris Carpenter (might be out until All-Star break) in any of the early or middle rounds. You may not know every player in the MLB, but it isn’t hard to use good judgement. Don’t fall into the mentality that you need to get certain positions early in the draft, just because the rest of the league makes a run on a specific position. You cannot afford to take catchers, like Victor Martinez and Russell Martin, in front of other Top 40 players such as Aramis Ramirez, Magglio Ordonez, Alex Rios, and Curtis Granderson. Closers fall into this same type of category; there are plenty of good closers that will be available after the 8th round. Decide what is more important: having the best catcher and closer or getting more stats for your draft picks.

2) Make a plan and stick to it

Have a plan before the draft starts. Of all the fantasy baseball teams of mine that have been good, only one or two have been very balanced. More so than in other fantasy sports, such as football or basketball, you need to choose some categories that you want to dominate your league in. Whether that is good pitching (Wins, ERA, K’s), power hitting (HR, RBI), or speed (SB, R), it doesn’t really matter what it is, but pick something and stick with it.

3) Drafts cannot make a season, but they can break one

It’s true that you need to research, know your stuff, and have a plan going into the draft, but don’t put too much emphasis on the draft. The baseball season is six months long and you can’t underestimate the value of staying on top of your league every day. Because of the length of the season, it is very easy to turn around a baseball league in the summer months by simply checking the free agents every day, watching what players get on hot streaks, and updating your daily lineup.

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How To Dominate Your Fantasy Racing League

Fantasy football has been extremely popular for years and the Internet has increased the popularity of fantasy sports in general to all time highs. One of the fastest growing fantasy sports is fantasy racing. The NASCAR Nextel Cup Series has exploded in popularity over the past two decades selling out all race events and grabbing huge chunks of the TV ratings. And that, in turn, has increased the popularity of fantasy racing leagues.

There are a wide variety of fantasy racing leagues to choose from. Just like football, you can find a local office pool where you choose a driver or two each week to more sophisticated leagues that involve multi-million dollar salary caps and point systems. Some fantasy racing leagues are free and others charge a fee to participate. Contestants battle it out for bragging rights to thousands of dollars in cash and prizes.

Some consider fantasy sports games of chance but if you ask those that participate and win and finish near the top of their league(s) consistently, you will learn that fantasy sports are Games of Skill. You need to study and stay up to date on all aspects of the sport your fantasy league is based on.

For fantasy racing leagues based on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, you need to study and chart how each driver and his team perform at each track. NASCAR is a team sport, a driver alone cannot win a race. If a driver changed teams during the off season, this may impact his performance. There are 36 races on 23 different race tracks and over 50 drivers to choose from so your notes can get quite extensive.

Wallbanger Fantasy Racing offers a helpful cheat sheet that you can individually chart drivers with. I suggest you print one and then make copies or you can come up with your own system. If you want to dominate your league, you will need 23 pages (one page for each track) for each driver you chart. You will also need a folder or binder to stay organized.

You may be asking where do I start?!? Here are some of the things that may factor in to which driver you choose at a certain race track:

Some Driver Factors you need to keep records of include:

  • How does this driver perform on short tracks like Martinsville and Loudon?
  • How does this driver perform on flat ovals like Indy and Phoenix?
  • How does this driver perform on super speedways such as Atlanta and Charlotte?
  • How does this driver performance on restrictor plate tracks? (Daytona and Talladega)
  • How does this driver perform on a Road Course?
  • Does this driver have recent multiple wins at a specific track?
  • Has the driver ever raced at this track? (Busch or Nextel Cup Series)
  • Did the driver participate in Saturday’s race?
  • What is the drivers average finish at this track?
  • What is the drivers average finish this season?
  • Does your driver have teammates? How many? Do they work well together?
  • How well do the Driver and Crew Chief communicate?
  • How well does the Pit Crew perform?
  • Is the driver happy with his team?
  • Does this driver get good fuel mileage?
  • Does this driver occasionally make a mental mistake?
  • Does this driver usually hit something or get caught up in a wreck?
  • Is the driver aggressive?
  • Where is your driver in the standings? Close to a bubble spot?

Some Race Day Factors include:

  • The drivers starting position
  • The drivers location on Pit Road
  • The drivers health status (sick or injured)
  • Happy Hour speed
  • Happy Hour or Practice crash
  • Day or Night Race
  • Pre race engine change

Some Track Factors include:

  • Surface (Concrete or Asphalt)
  • Banking (Flat, Average, High Banked)
  • Track Configuration: Oval, Road Course, Other
  • Restrictor plate required?
  • Has a certain make of vehicle dominated this track?
  • Is gas mileage usually a factor here?

Please remember that this is racing. “Rubbing is Racing” and accidents WILL happen. Your driver may get collected in “The Big One” or may simply blow a tire going into turn 3, that will happen but not as often to those that study and make smart choices on race day. The bottom line is that if you take notes and study the sport and its participants, you will finish more consistently near the top of your fantasy league standings week after week. This will ultimately land you a championship and a chance at winning some big and sometimes profitable prizes. Find more information on fantasy racing at This article may be reproduced and redistributed in its entirety free of charge. This article may not be altered in any way.

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